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Welcome to LSABS

We believe that the education and training we offer at LSABS will equip you with the skills you need to achieve your learning and career goals. Our blended learning practical training programmes encourage an eagerness to learn and develop. The programmes are perfectly suitable for gaining or upgrading a job or starting and running your business.

Choose LSABS to achieve under one roof

Digital Accounting Qualifications
Accountancy Software
Work Experience

Digital Accounting

LSABS is contributing to digitisation and automation in accounting and finance for over a decade. Choose LSABS for digital and cloud accounting.

1:1 Support

LSABS is a place where you can have 1:1 Support. You can ask our certified accountants and finance experts to help you in completing training and qualifications.

Flexible Options

Flexibility is at the heart of LSABS. You can flexibly learn in the classroom, or you can choose online learning without any borders. LSABS is a place where you can learn at your own pace.

Recruitment Support

LSABS provides valuable recruitment support. We are a specialised recruiter. Our recruitment facility will help you in connecting with employers' vacancies across the UK.


ACDAP Digital Accountant and Payroll Administrator Certificate Level 2

This blended training course will provide you with valuable theoretical and practical accountancy knowledge and skills. We will prepare you for performing a certified Digital Bookkeeper and Payroll Administrator job role independently. Alongside, you will learn accounting and payroll software.

ACDAP Digital Assistant Accountant Diploma Level 3

LSABS is the best choice to achieve this level 3 diploma. You will gain IFA endorsed, blended theoretical and practical digital accounting skills. The high-value digital accounting work experience we provide will improve your CV and boost your employability potential.

ACDAP Digital Accounting Technician Diploma Level 4

LSABS is a great place to complete this IFA endorsed digital accountancy learning programme. It will teach you theories, practical accounting, management accounting, and taxation skills. Completion of this programme will make you capable of performing managerial level accounting jobs.

Accountancy Software Training

Sage 50 Accounts

Become a master of the most modern digital accounting software, Sage 50 Accounts. Sage is the employer's choice so that you will stand out from the crowd. Our accountants will help you while gaining practical accounting work experience and training.

Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll is popular software in the UK and around the world. It is a highly demanded specialised payroll solution that you will thoroughly learn to become a competent Sage professional. You will also gain practical accountancy work experience at LSABS.

Sage practical training

It will boost your employability potential in the bookkeeping, digital accounting and finance sectors. Our digital accountants will help you in learning Sage. We will also provide you with practical accounting skills and accountancy work experience fulfilling the employers' requirements.


QuickBooks is very productive accounting software for businesses; organisations worldwide are using QuickBooks. It is perfectly suitable for gaining and upgrading your digital accountancy knowledge and skills. Completion of QuickBooks training will help you applying various accounting techniques effectively.

Advanced Excel

The practical training programme will provide you with a proper understanding of Advanced Excel. It will help you become an Excel power user by learning tips, shortcuts, tricks, functions and formulas. The programme helps in performing financial analysis and modelling.


This course is ideal for learning Xero software for bookkeeping and accounting. You will learn how the industry works within Xero and learn how to implement it. Our Xero training will help you to perform at a workplace with entire confidence.


IRIS accounting software is known for improving efficiency, usability and productivity. More than 21,000 UK accounting firms trust IRIS to run their businesses. After completing the IRIS training, you will be able to hold various positions in the accounting field.


BrigthPay practical software learning programme consisting of pay calculation, payment knowledge and legal requests. LSABS will help you learn this modern accounting software, including recording staff details, working out salaries and deductions, sending payslips etc. HMRC also recognises BrightPay software.

Why Choose LSABS

Learn digital accounting

We will prepare you via blended learning. You will apply accounting theories practically at LSABS. We will deliver ACDAP qualifications and training; IFA endorses our learning programmes.

Gain accounting software training

You will gain practical training on Sage 50, Sage One, Sage Payroll, Sage CIS, Sage Compliance, SAPA, Xero, QuickBooks, BrightPay, CCH, IRIS, SAP, Oracle Financials, MS Excel and many more.

Achieve accountancy work experience

The accountancy work experience you will gain at LSABS will boost your employability. You will gain accounting work experience on actual files where our certified accountants will supervise your work.