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British Values

We support British Values, LSABS embed British Values in the curriculum as mandatory. We also provide activities and questionnaires for our students and professionals to help raise awareness of British values. It helps them in informing us about what they think about our training. On the other hand, they can express their opinions and beliefs without hesitation.

Prevent, Safeguarding, and Equality & Diversity 

Our team is striving to build a safe culture. We are doing our maximum in reducing risks and keeping our students and professionals safe, aware and well informed. This is our top priority and or business strategy's nucleus. We also work with employers to support LSABS in achieving this goal.


We are a transparent and open entity. LSABS inform about transparency to the public through its marketing materials, website, and the information, advice and guidance (IAG) we provide at LSABS. We are open to our students, professionals, clients and stakeholder to getting feedback. 


Quality and high standards have paramount importance at LSABS. We work closely with employers to provide high-quality learning programmes. Our programmes stretch and challenge our students and professionals throughout their qualification and training programmes. High-quality teaching and learning at LSABS is our utmost priority. LSABS has a strict quality control process and providing regular support.


Innovation is an integral part of everything we do at LSABS from the beginning. We develop and provide learning and employment solutions to update work-related learning profiles. It helps us incorporate new methods and make our qualifications and training relevant in this ever-changing world.


We have further expansion ambition. LSABS is incredibly competitive with a focus on high retention levels, outcomes and achievement. LSABS uses quality and an understanding of business partners' needs as the basis for achieving this milestone.


LSABS provides employability solutions for students, professionals and employers. We ensure that our solutions meet the needs of our students, professionals, employers. LSABS is placing high-value products and services at the top while embedding the new standards.


Our SMT and staff are very knowledgeable and experienced. We constantly update them through standardisation, regular training and continuing professional development (CPD). We keep excellent relationships with employers and understand the value to encourage and support the best possible delivery.


We celebrate our shared achievement; it motivates all of us. Furthermore, we encourage involvement in pursuing students, professionals and employer excellence through national and local awards achievement.