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Digital Assistant Accountant L3

Digital Assistant Accountant Level 3

LSABS is the perfect choice to complete the "Level 3 Digital Assistant Accountant Diploma"

London School of Accountancy and Business Studies (LSABS) offering ACDAP Digital Assistant Accountant Level 3 diploma. Association of Certified Digital Accounting Professionals (ACDAP) is a digital accounting membership body in the UK. ACDAP is operating in the UK and around the world. The Institutes of Financial Accountants (IFA) has endorsed ACDAP.

This level 3 diploma will provide you with unique blended theoretical and practical skills. Through our blended learning, you will be able to solve complex accounting problems. You will gain skills and competency to carry out activities as a certified Digital Assistant Accountant. At LSABS, you will gain high value accountancy work experience. It will improve your CV and boost your employability potential. You can complete the course via online, classroom and blended learning methods.

LSABS has helped more than 70,000 people with accounting qualifications and practical accounting training and provided skills needed to excel in the accounting industry.

Focusing the digital competence

The programme focuses digital technology in the accounting and financial fields. LSABS will prepare you through extensive digital accountancy training. You will learn various popular accounting software like Sage payroll, Sage CIS, Sage 50, VT Transactions, IRIS, Xero, Quickbooks, and MS Excel.

While work shadowing at LSABS, we will help you in enhancing your skills. It will make you proficient in the day-to-day advanced accounting tasks, including:

  • Generating reports 
  • Performing analysis
  • From the data-entry to month-end management accounts
  • Handling HMRC enquiries
  • Prepare year-end report

You will cover the following theoretical and practical units:

  • Computerised Credit Control
  • Computerised Advanced Bookkeeping
  • Computerised Costing
  • Digital Accounting Ethics

Job roles

LSABS accounting training will make you stand out in your job search.

You can perform on various job roles, including:

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Credit Controller
  • Finance Assistant
  • Junior Accountant
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Finance Officer

Programme overview

This level 3 diploma will prepare you to manage accounting records effectively by developing accountancy knowledge and skills. You will become capable of analysing financial data at the appropriate level. Our tutors and certified accountants will help you in using various accounting approaches. It includes gathering and reporting information to assist management in decision-making, planning and control, and compliance from the HMRC point of view. It will make you capable of the tasks like:

  • Payments and receipts
  • Processing sales orders
  • Credit notes
  • VAT preparation/submission to HMRC
  • Invoices and remittances
  • Journal entries
  • Sales ledger
  • Customer accounts 
  • Credit control
  • Supplier accounts 
  • Purchase ledger
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Trial balance preparation
  • Fixed asset register
  • Managing petty cash
  • Quarterly management accounts
  • Monthly management accounts
  • HMRC compliances
  • Transactions entering on ledger
  • Maintaining spreadsheets
  • Posting journals
  • Writing and handling cheques
  • producing monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Prepayments and accruals
  • Loan amortisation
  • Extended trial balance
  • Debtors reconciliations
  • Creditors reconciliations
  • Control accounts (wages, VAT, PAYE, DLA, fixed assets, suspense accounts and bad debts)

Blended learning

LSABS uniquely blends study with practical work. It provides proper understanding of accounting concepts and skills. During your work shadowing period, our certified accountants will help you perform accounting tasks on actual files from various industries. You will become capable of working in almost every sector like:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Construction
  • Information technology
  • Accounting and finance
  • Hospitality
  • Media

The blended accountancy training will make you proficient and capable of performing at the workplace independently.

Digital accountancy

LSABS is contributing to digital accounting to meet the technology innovation demand for decades and consistently equip businesses and individuals to achieve high-quality accounting training through massive in-built digital adherence. Now accountants have a more significant role than traditional roles due to digitisation, automation, and cloud accounting. The programme will give you mastery of computerised solutions. You will gain training on most modern accounting software. So you will meet the modern age digitisation demand. 

Flexible learning

LSABS offers flexible learning and gives you the liberty to complete your programme at your desired duration and pace. You can learn at LSABS via classroom, online, blended learning, webinars and dedicated student portal.