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Xero training

London School of Accountancy and Business Studies (LSABS) offers you Xero practical training course. You will learn how to carry out the accounting processes and your client work in Xero software. It is a valuable opportunity of gaining practical training by working on original files. Our Xero practical training will help you to perform at a workplace with confidence. The practical training will teach you how industry sectors work within Xero; you will also learn how to implement it.

You must know that the Xero accounting course is a choice of most employers across the UK and worldwide. Our Xero trainees who gain training from LSABS will also recommend as the best choice. They got jobs soon after completing Xero training. Our accountancy training always helps in getting a dream job.

We will provide you with the complete information and high standards to understand Xero accounting functions. You will also understand how to implement if you want to start a business or work for an employer. 

This course is suitable for everyone who wants to learn Xero software for their business' bookkeeping and accounts. There is no formal requirement to take this course. It only needs internet, PC, and email communication to learn Xero if you choose online learning.

Also, Xero training is perfect for students and professionals looking to gain knowledge and understanding of Xero. Further, Xero is suitable for those who want to continue their bookkeeping or the next learning level. 

Xero training fulfils all the requirements of small and large businesses. It provides you with the knowledge of Xero software commercially available for the production of business accounts. We will offer you a tailored and flexible programme for Xero practical training.

LSABS is helping students and professionals in the accounting and finance field. You will gain Xero training under our chartered accountants' supervision. Our Chartered Accountancy firm has ACCA Gold Level status; we will provide you with an opportunity to work on actual files at our accountancy workplace. Apart from Xero, you can also learn other digital accounting software like QuickBooks, IRIS, Sage Payroll, Sage One, Sage 50, Sage CIS, and MS Excel.

You will gain an understanding of invoice, managing bank reconciliation, and other accounting processes. Xero course will help you to prepare business accounts using this popular accounting software effectively.


  • Financial record introduction using Xero as a cloud-based accounting solution
  • Enhancing essential Xero knowledge and skills for assessing competence in day-to-day bookkeeping tasks and activities
  • Learning of business transaction and daily bookkeeping 
  • Enhancing financial transactions knowledge and understanding
  • Setting up employes details on Payroll 
  • Learning about how to run Payroll on Xero and record-keeping
  • Learning about how to reconcile and payroll report using Xero software.
  • Reconciling and reporting all the data
  • Setting up employees,
  • Setting up the organisation
  • Processing pay runs,
  • Setting up pension details,
  • Processing pension details,

Progression pathway

The completion of the Xero practical training programme will make you competent to perform a variety of accounting job roles, including:

  • Assistant cloud accountant
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Finance assistant
  • Assistant accountant
  • Accounts clerk
  • Payroll officer
  • Junior accountant
  • Junior bookkeeper

Course outcome

  • Reporting overview
  • Chart of accounts
  • Mastering sales & invoices
  • Making adjustments 
  • Practical Xero Assessment
  • Correct discrepancies
  • Importing data from the bank
  • Bank reconciliations statement preparation
  • Import and categorise transactions 
  • Outstanding debts tracking 
  • Importing credit cards data
  • Note of bills and purchases preparation
  • Deal with sales and invoices
  • Outstanding credits tracking
  • Importing data from PayPal
  • Adding suppliers and customers contacts 
  • Approving and reviewing receipts 
  • Scheduling payments
  • Manage cash flow 
  • Ensuring expenses are claimable
  • Reporting features, view and share reports and budgets without waiting until the end of the month