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BrightPay training

London School of Accountancy and Business Studies (LSABS) contributes to students and professionals development for accounting and finance. Focusing on beginners, LSABS has massively prepared accounting professionals through practical payroll training. It includes BrigthPay software learning for salary calculation, basic payment knowledge and legal requests.


In the BrightPay payroll programme, you can manage and automate the payment of employee wages. The software functions learning include personnel data collection, income and deduction accounting, payroll accounting, etc. The software function you will learn includes recording staff details, working out pays and deductions, providing payslips etc. BrightPay software solutions have an advanced technological foundation.

At LSABS, you will complete payroll accountancy training in our actual accounting workplace. This is an opportunity to improve your skills by working on original documents independently.

Our experienced accountants and qualified educators will help you learn BrightPay software. At completion, you will receive an accounting work experience certificate from LSABS. Alongside, you will discover other accounting skills. It will help you in gaining your dream job. On the other hand, it helps in planning your business.

Progression pathways

LSABS will prepare you as a power user of BrightPay accounting software. The software learning will make you capable of performing many accounting jobs, including:

  • Credit controllers
  • Assistant accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Account payable managers
  • Payroll officer
  • Accountant

We will help you get your desired job; LSABS works with top-notch recruitment agencies across the United Kingdom. We will also provide you with an Accountancy Work Experience certificate, which will help you gain a job.

Course outcome

After completing the course, you can use processes, forms, procedures, and timetables effectively. At LSABS, we make sure you get all the accounting skills and experience you need.

You will learn how to use BrightPay payroll software to manage payroll and meet HMRC requirements quickly. BrightPay has the functions of sending RTI and auto-registration to integrate with other accounting tools and software. It can batch process, multiple employers, etc. 

LSABS practical accountancy training will equip you with HMRC compliance and the UK payroll system understanding. Our accountants and financial experts will provide you with the assistance to understand theories and concepts. Our blended learning method will allow you to apply theories practically why job shadowing at LSABS.

At LSABS, you will properly understand managing daily finances. LSABS works with employers of various sectors. We will prepare you to meet employers' varied demands across the United Kingdom. You will gain knowledge and understanding of the following when gaining BrightPay practical training course at LSABS:

  • Live payroll calculation picture
  • Deductions practice
  • Student loan repayments
  • Taxes 
  • Monthly pay processing
  • New employees' entries
  • Attachments of earnings
  • BIK, deduction and additions on a payslip
  • HMRC payment
  • Adding unlimited amounts and rates on a payslip
  • Tax codes meanings
  • Coding notices
  • Rollback employees from any period to any period
  • Comprehend tax coding notifications 
  • HMRC submissions
  • Flexible to tailor-made report
  • How to enter annual sick leave, parenting leave, etc
  • Reports
  • Year-end P60s 
  • Journals
  • Pension's payment
  • Payroll bright play 
  • Payroll bright play leaver
  • BrightPay conclusion