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Sage Payroll

Sage Payroll training

London School of Accountancy and Business Studies (LSABS) offers a Sage payroll practical training programme. Sage Payroll is a highly demanded specialised payroll software. Every employer is looking for competent professionals in Sage Payroll. All organisations have to process their payroll, including National Insurance and PAYE deduction. Sage Payroll is the most popular bookkeeping software; industries across the UK are using it.

Sage Payroll software is a simple solution for managing payroll in-house, and it takes away all the worries. The software help employers in paying their employees swiftly and accurately. This practical training course will make you capable of this computerised payroll system to prove your potential and competence to the employers. 


The Sage Payroll practical training course is perfect for you if you have already worked within accounts, finance, or bookkeeping. The basic understanding of manual payroll fundamentals will also work. It is the best way of developing your accounting career prospects. This practical training programme will equip you with computerised payroll capabilities.

The course is entirely suitable for you if you are looking to develop, enhance and update your payroll skills. At completion, you will become capable of performing various job roles in accounts, payroll or HR departments.

Sage Payroll training course at LSABS will equip you with essential techniques and tools for developing your desired payroll career. It is a perfect career in the public, private and commercial sectors. The large industries to small organisations are looking for Sage Payroll professionals. Sage Payroll course at will develop, enhance, and update your payroll skills using the latest technology. This course will provide you with the best-practising methods to carrying out payroll processes effectively. 

LSABS will prepare you through extensive practical training at an accountancy workplace to gain accountancy work experience. The experience you will gain from the LSABS experience will improve your job prospects. Our certified accountants and finance experts will supervise your work. It will include:

  • Training of digital/computerised bookkeeping  
  • Tax records
  • Processing employees' wages 
  • Processing individual record electronically
  • Year-end figures

You will receive practical accountancy/payroll training at our ACCA Gold Level Status Chartered Accountant firm, an actual workplace and original files for practising. It will make you confident and capable of performing payroll independently. 

Learning Sage Payroll at LSABS will make you competent in using Sage Payroll to work out everything digitally, which you are currently doing manually. It will help you in recording and organising the regulatory data.

Progression pathway

LSABS will make you competent in performing various payroll jobs independently. The completion of the Sage Payroll practical training course will prepare you for the job roles such as:

  • HR Manager
  • HR Assistant
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Payroll administrator
  • Payroll Officer
  • HR Administrators

Course outcome

The Sage Payroll course will help you study Sage and increase your computerised bookkeeping ability quickly with convenience. It will help you in developing and enhancing your computerised bookkeeping skills. You will gain statuary compliance knowledge of payrolls such as NI, PAYE, Statuary Sick and Maternity Pay.

During the training, you will learn all processes and procedures of digital and computerised accounting, including overseeing staff pay and gaining perfect perceptions of payroll management's broader role in a company. The course will:

  • Help you become an expert in Sage Payroll software so that you will stand out from the crowd.
  • Equip you with the supervision and help of highly qualified and experienced accountants of the digital/computerised accountancy field.
  • Increase your capability to use payroll software; it will reduce the time spent completing the massive task.